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Näytetään blogitekstit, joiden ajankohta on syyskuu, 2023.

Vaihto-opiskelijamme Isabelle

  My name is Isabelle, I am 17, and I am an exchange student here in Finland for the 2023-2024 school year. I am from the United States, and from the state of Colorado, right in the middle. I like to draw and paint, write, collect things like bones, stuffed animals, and angel figurines. I also love music! I am a big fan of metal, punk, and goth music and subcultures.                    Here, I am a long ways from home, so I have noticed many similarities and differences in the two weeks (so far) of my exchange. But first, let me tell you about where I’m from! I live in Parker, CO which is about an hour south of denver. I live on the prairie, and have a perfect view of the mountains from my house. At my house, we have a horse pasture and backyard where we keep horses and chickens respectively! We also have two dogs. Parker is considered a medium-size town with 60,000 people living there, but by Finnish town standards it is a lot bigger! It is a mostly suburban town where commercial ne